Elise Richman

Tacoma, WA | by November 5, 2008

I am thrilled to feature Elise on this momentous day in history. Although she is no longer living in the DC area, Elise was once connected to DC when she was a graduate student at American University and for a short period there after. I recently met up with her in Seattle and was amazed how her work has evolved since we last showed together back in 2002 at The Warehouse in downtown DC.
Born Seattle, WA

Elise currently lives and works in Tacoma, Washington. She is an Assistant Professor in art at the University of Puget Sound where a solo show of her new work just opened at the University’s Kittredge Gallery entitled “The Island”. www.ups.edu/x4542.xml Inspired by her geography, Elise creates sculptural mixed media topographical paintings that evoke a time and place that is unique to the San Juan Islands which comprise the Seattle and Tacoma, Washington region. She writes in her statement “This series exlores the relationship between engaging in an artist process, evoking a sense of place, and expressing times passage.”

“The process of stacking pieces of oil and acrylic paint, as well as scraping and thereby revealing underlying wax glazes, evokes geological phenomena that occur over the course of time. Each layered piece exhibits the history of its making, which acts as a layered metaphor for time’s passage. Landscapes embody time just as psychological topographies bear the imprint of time passed through the course of generations.”

Please check Elise’s website at www.eliserichman.com for more information on all her shows. Elise is also curating a show at the SOIL gallery in Seattle: www.soilart.org

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  • Bryant T. Lee says:

    ELISE! Old student been keeping tabs. Call me when you have a moment.

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