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Los Angeles, CA | by August 6, 2013

It seems that every venue is now including studio visit interviews as part of their regular features and programming which I am very thrilled about. This only means that I will get to watch more amazing videos of equally amazing artists talking about their work, process and ideas in their studios — which is key to my particular interest for this web journal. So from now on I am happy to announce that I’ll be seeking out some of my favorite studio visit videos from other venues and commenting and reviewing them on this section.

I first of all am biased towards Tala Madani’s work and without hesitation out right state that I love her work. She’s a young Iranian artist born in 1981 with an MFA from the Yale School of Art (as do I but this has nothing to do with that) and in this video is interviewed in her studio in Los Angeles, CA.

As quoted from the Satchi Gallery website:

“Iranian-American artist Tala Madani paints a provocative and humorous discourse on cultural and sexual identity.”

More specifically her expressive paintings comment and critique masculinity in Middle Eastern culture. As a multi-media artist, Madani also creates sophisticated narrative animations.

“In devising her scenes of aberrant ceremony, Madani pinpoints the very essence of frustration, fervour, and inadequacy.”

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