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Washington, D.C. | by October 1, 2009

Ever since she was five years old, Kristina wanted to be famous. Even her career path as a grade school child sim­ply states “being famous”. And she is famous. Now, Kristina is a print­maker and designer liv­ing and work­ing in Wash­ing­ton D.C. She is the Pro­gram Direc­tor at the Wash­ing­ton Project for the Arts and shows her work through­out the area and boasts her own line of cloth­ing and acces­sories. We talked about her fame and her art­work at her Gold Leaf stu­dio that she shares with two other artists (recently fea­tured in the Wash­ing­ton Post) located in down­town DC.

“The works in this show cap­ture my fas­ci­na­tion with fame as a child.” She gath­ered a lot of her inspi­ra­tion from a jour­nal she kept that expresses her desire to be famous. “Although a spe­cific rea­son for this fame is never defined. The con­fi­dence that comes out in my early writ­ings sur­prises me when I look back at it now. It makes me won­der if indi­vid­u­als start out with a cer­tain amount of con­fi­dence and enthu­si­asm for life that is slowly weath­ered down by our sur­round­ings, social sit­u­a­tions, demands or pres­sure to suc­ceed in some kind of tra­di­tional career.”

Her work for Hon­fleur com­prised of a lim­ited edi­tion vin­tage book where she incor­po­rated her­self into the “how to” steps of draw­ing a face of her­self as a young girl. By includ­ing her­self into the pages with famous actors of the time period such as Burt Reynolds and Brooke Shields, she vic­ar­i­ously is able to relive her desire to become famous and in such a way that invites oth­ers to do it for her by hav­ing them go through all the nec­es­sary steps in this step-​​by-​​step process. See the video clip above of all the draw­ings from the gallery goers. More­over, she ulti­mately rewrote his­tory by cre­at­ing a piece of evi­dence that proves she was amongst the stars. As her state­ment sug­gests, per­haps it is some­thing we only pos­sess so vig­or­ously as a child and as we get older dis­cover this desire can so eas­ily be demys­ti­fied by the daily events of adult­hood. It’s poignant and absolutely honest.

Kristina writes: “Through­out my own per­sonal jour­ney, I con­tinue to carry around a lit­tle of this ‘famous’ feel­ing I had when I was a child-​​like a lucky penny in my pocket….I think every­one deserves to feel a lit­tle famous in their own way, whether it be amongst fam­ily and friends or as a per­son who is active in their community.”

And she gives view­ers the oppor­tu­nity to fur­ther her cause by hand print­ing t-​​shirts with motifs and designs all inspired by her child­hood as well as her cur­rent sur­round­ings. Kristina’s work can be admired and pur­chased at this weekend’s Crafty Bas­tards Fair in Adams Mor­gan this Sat­ur­day, Octo­ber 3, 2009. Watch the whole video clip above to see some of her amaz­ing t-​​shirts and neck­ties that will be for sale at Crafty Bas­tards!

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