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Washington, D.C. | by June 9, 2016

Linn Meyers: In Brief In The Studio…..

Last night Hamiltonian Artists hosted their third studio visit as part of a new Studio Visit series they launched this spring called “Understanding the Artist”. As someone who supports all things studio, artist and process focused, I was thrilled to hear about this series and said yes when Linn Meyers asked me to join the event as her guest. Linn is also currently serving as an artist mentor for Hamiltonian’s Artist Fellowship program.

Linn Meyers needs no introduction. She is one of Washington D.C.’s most accomplished internationally recognized artists having just successfully completed an astounding 360 degree wall drawing spanning over 400 feet at the Hirshhorn Museum. The exhibition titled “Our View From Here” will be up for one year through next May 2017 and is definitely a ‘must see’.

The evening began like most art receptions with people mingling, chatting and sipping white wine while munching on sweet and savory treats. After a few introductions by Hamiltonian Artist’s Program Manager Nicole Dowd, Linn delved into the inspiration behind the commissioned installation. She shared with us the model she constructed of the Hirshhorn space and discussed in detail how each mini drawing was executed specifically for every wall panel and how the circle was the driving force behind the composition. These miniature drawings on tracing paper were eventually scanned into CAD (Computer Aided Design) in order to help determine the scale of the drawings for the actual physical space. Check out the time lapse video from the Hirshhorn to watch her process.

The group of about fifteen people was equally enthralled by the large drawings on paper she had displayed in her studio. The precision and delicacy of her dots and lines collectively scintillate and shimmer above the surface of the paper resembling waves, topographical maps, and sea creatures. They are masterpieces to be coveted like jewels while also infinite spaces to fall blissfully into.

Beyond her incredible talent, Linn is a kind and generous artist whose outlook on life makes her ever more magnetic and approachable. During the talk she mentions how she used to be a long distance runner and compared being an artist to running. It’s about perseverance and focus. I couldn’t agree more.

It was a magical summer evening at her carriage house studio. The picture completes itself as I envision her walking back and forth to her home in neighboring Mt. Pleasant. She indeed has come full circle and I’m certain will continue to do so many times over.

Linn is represented by Sandra Gering Gallery  in New York City.

Video Courtesy of the Hirshhorn Museum. 

Linn Meyers website:

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