Peri Schwartz

New Rochelle, NY | by August 5, 2013

Peri Schwartz contacted me about her work and current video that was created mainly for a recent interview she did with the Huffington Post Blog. (Link is below). I thought the video presented an elegant articulation about the use of the Modernist grid. Her dedication to formalism through still life is not anything new, but the way she mixes her color creates a mood that brings meaning to the mundane. I especially am drawn to the compositions that recall the paintings of William Bailey at times.

Peri Schwartz grew up in Far Rockaway, NY. She studied at Boston University’s School of Fine Arts and received an MFA at Queens College. She lives and works in New Rochelle, NY. In paintings, prints and drawings she focuses on composition and the interplay of color, light and space. To see more of her work, please go to her website at

The recent interview where this video can also be viewed and where an extensive interview with Peri Schwartz is posted can be found on the Huffington Post Blog. 


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