June 21 – July 22 , Works in Progress Gallery at Artisphere in Arlington, VA.

The Studio Visit (TSV) is inviting local artist Reuben Breslar to occupy the Work In Progress Gallery for four weeks. Reuben is an interdisciplinary artist based in Virginia. He is acting as ‘Artist as Curator’ in collaborating with TSV Program Manager Victoria Greising who is co-Curating this show with him. Reuben has asked Sam Scharff and Rachel England to participate in this interactive process that will begin with Reuben responding initially to the space and the curatorial process. The three participating artists will take turns – alternating weeks – by responding to his work and all the while Reuben responding back shortly thereafter. It is, in essence, a dialogue and a conversation as manifest as the artist as curator and as a physical space that ameliorates with the people and objects that house and ‘converse’ with it over time. Scheduled critiques are planned and the entire process will be documented and featured on TSV’s site in a collaborative editorial of video, photography and article to be also completed by Reuben himself.

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