This fall 2022, TSV is launching a new program titled TSV Academy. This program will offer educational services supporting art learning, portfolio development, and general art mentoring sessions. Meetings will be held virtually along with in-person critiques and informal exhibitions. Led by the dynamic Founder and Director, Isabel Manalo, curricula will cater to each client’s specific needs.

Isabel as a Visiting Art Educator giving critiques at Takt Berlin in Berlin, Germany in 2013

Isabel’s love for teaching is framed by a deep commitment to the artistic process. Her methods are direct, nurturing, and substantive from her experience teaching at both the middle and upper school level, the college, graduate and post-graduate level. Joining Isabel in this program will be equally qualified and experienced artist educators who live in the D.C. area who have had international experience both teaching and exhibiting.

We are excited to be offering this unique opportunity for artists, art students, and art lovers who are wanting something beyond the basics of formal training and technique but desire something that encompasses learning about and making art from a holistic and global perspective that honors all histories of art-making.

Sessions offered will be focused on the following

1.) Tutoring and Mentoring for all Art Courses including AP Art Requirements.

2.) Portfolio Development for Summer Art Programs requirements.

3.) Portfolio Development for College and Graduate Art Application requirements.

4.) Artist Statement Writing and Editing.

5.) Professional guidance to emerging and mid-career artists that includes critical feedback on artwork, providing collegial network support, and navigating the various facets of the art industry such as teaching, curating, galleries and so much more.

6.) Classes in Drawing and Painting, Mix Media and Collage in all levels of ability including senior citizens.

Contact: for more information and please include your name, grade, what service or class you are interested in taking, and a phone number. For further information please also visit


  • “Isabel is a teacher who inspired and encouraged me to pursue art. She made me and countless other students feel comfortable and genuinely cared for, and she takes great effort to understand you and your goals. She was one of the only teachers at Burke who made students feel genuinely comfortable and cared for.”

— Stella Magee, Edmund Burke School, ’20 and currently a sophomore at Otis School of Art in L.A. August 2022.

  • “Isabel Manalo was my Artist Mentor for the two final semesters of my MFA in Visual Art from Lesley University’s low-residency program in Cambridge, MA. Isabel was my local area guide to defining my successful thesis project. She took the time to listen and see what I was attempting to communicate visually and to clear away extraneous visual detail. My initial imagery included a lot of figurative representation. We had already met a few times, but in a single session, she suggested that I simplify and retain the ‘neuro eye’ image which I adopted and repeated on my 16-foot diameter geodesic dome installation. She truly helped me focus on my visual thesis concept and set me off working with a passion. Isabel is a connector, an exceptional mother, a sought-after curator, an art juror, and exhibiting artist with a studio practice and gallery representation. She is a gifted artist and teacher and an excellent human, not to mention her Yale fine art mafia.”

Cynthia Scott Johnson, Artist and Gallery Owner and Director at Gaslight, Frederick, MD, August 2022.

“I looked forward to going to school everyday because of Isabel. She made me realize the significance art holds in my life. As her student, she challenged me to take art seriously and showed countless approaches to creating a piece. I started to create artwork that I was truly proud of because it made me think on a deeper level. The classroom evnironment Isabel provided was icredibly supportive and constructive. Her honesty and compassion for her students is incredibly admirable. Isabel is easily the most intentional and inspiring teacher I have had. I learned many skills from her as an artist, student, and person.”

Rebecca Meroney, The Edmund Burke School ’21.
  • “Isabel is a great art teacher!”

— Damian Jones, Former Head of School, The Edmund Burke School, April 2022.

  • “Isabel’s remarkable energy to go above and beyond meant that she often took her students out of the classroom to museums and galleries, shared insights from her own vibrant art practice, and brought in other working artists to give her students direct experiences with what was new and exciting in the art world For quite a few students these eye-opening opportunities allowed them to imagine themselves as true artists for the first time.”

Lucinda Leach, Former Chair of the Art Department, The Edmund Burke School, May 2022.

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