Author: Jonathan Bucci

Richard Vosseller

by Jonathan Bucci on March 7th, 2011
I visited Richard Vosseller's studio in late-December 2010, just after that first bit of east coast snow.  Work of this magnitude presents a number of challenges to the artist, many of which are simply practical.  Our conversation [disclosure: I have...
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Geoffrey Aldridge

by Jonathan Bucci on January 9th, 2011
I was unfamiliar with Geoffrey Aldridge's work until I visited his studio in mid-December 2010.  Aldridge is a Washington, DC-based (Logan Circle) artist who currently works in video.  During our conversation he made the useful distinction between "props" and "materials"....
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Three Studio Visits in Asheville

by Jonathan Bucci on October 30th, 2010
During the last week of September of this year I was in the mountains near Asheville, North Carolina. The ostensible purpose of my stay was to help out some music cats that I know who were on a rehearsal blitz...
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