Author: Maxine Puorro

TSV Academy

by Maxine Puorro on August 18th, 2022
This fall 2022, TSV is launching a new program titled TSV Academy. This program will offer educational services supporting art learning, portfolio development, and general art mentoring sessions. Meetings will be held virtually along with in-person critiques and informal exhibitions....
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Dr. Wendy Grossman and Ady Fidelin

by Maxine Puorro on July 21st, 2020
Video Interview by The Studio Visit's Cheryl Edwards and Isabel Manalo. Dr. Wendy Grossman is an Art Historian, Man Ray Scholar, Curator, and an Adjunct Professor . We had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Grossman on Zoom this past week...
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Adjoa Burrowes

by Maxine Puorro on June 20th, 2020
Adjoa Burrowes interviewed in her studio via Google Meet.   On June 18, 2020 Cheryl Edwards and I had the pleasure of conducting an online Google Meet visit with artist Adjoa Burrowes in her studio. We are excited to share...
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