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Maia Cruz Palileo

by Isabel Manalo on June 12th, 2018
[caption id="attachment_7572" align="alignleft" width="259"] From the Paris Review in 2015[/caption] Three years ago when I was still living in Berlin, a good friend of mine shared with me a copy of her Paris Review to show me an image of...
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Allison Gildersleeve

by Julie Wolfe on May 28th, 2018
I leave my studio and walk along the border of East Williamsburg and Bushwick, Brooklyn for about 15 minutes to Allison Gildersleeve’s studio. This is the first time I’ve ever been to her studio. Her studio building is close to Talas, my favorite paper supply store in...
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Heather Morgan

by Julie Wolfe on January 3rd, 2018
John Mitchell: When we met in grad school at Yale (Yale School of Art's Painting Program), you were making paintings of people. You're still making paintings of people. How would you describe the people in your paintings and how have...
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