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Nicholas Pye

by Isabel Manalo on October 16th, 2015
It's October 2 and the Washington D.C. area is experiencing the tail end of a hurricane. It's wet, rainy and cold and it's been like this for five whole days. Fortunately I had the opportunity to brighten this week by...
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Beate Köhne

by Maxine Puorro on August 25th, 2015
I moved into a studio complex in Rixdorf in the fall of 2014, a charming village like area within the larger neighborhood of Neukölln in West Berlin. My room was part of a studio complex in a style very common...
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Jaanika Peerna

by Isabel Manalo on August 14th, 2014
During a recent visit to Jaanika's light filled studio in Berlin, Jaanika recalled growing up in Tallinn, Estonia and how as a young girl, she used to dream of becoming a professional figure skater. She loved the feeling of gliding over...
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