Bernadette Mead — Class of 2019, American University

“Professor Manalo is an exceptional artist, educator and mentor. I took her Studio Art course at American University as a Freshman in college; it was truly one of my favorite and most memorable classes. Professor Manalo’s is the reason why I continue to pursue art. Her teaching methodology was unique, effective and fun! Her teaching style wasn’t confined in the classroom; she introduced us to other renowned artists, and we spent time in museums/galleries to learn about art at the front row. She taught me to challenge the way I pursue art as well as find my own style. Most of my peers in the class didn’t identify as artists, but it was evident how much they enjoyed the class as well. We found ourselves spending countless hours of our free time at the University studio working on projects for Professor Manalo’s class. She is a source of constant inspiration to her students. It has been 6 years since I first took her class, but Professor Manalo is still a champion for her students no matter how long time has flown by.”

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